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Episode #33: Small Brown Bike Interview and Contest
November 21, 2009 04:25 PM PST
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Welcome to the latest episode of podcast. Small Brown Bike has reunited and they are here on Rocket Fuel! On this episode I chat with Mike Reed from the band about their reunion, their new 7" Composite, Volume 1, and more. Also, find out how you can win awesome Small Brown Bike prizes courtesy of No Idea Records.

Also on this episode I play new music from Dead To Me, Noise By Number and Torture The Artist, review the new album Lost Art by Cloak/Dagger, and much more. Check it out.

Playlist for episode #33:

Dead To Me "Modern Muse" www.myspace.com/deadtomesf

Captain, We're Sinking "It's A Trap" www.myspace.com/captainweresinking

Legitimate Business "S.O.S." www.legitimatebusinessrock.com

Noise By Numbers "Waiting For The Train" www.myspace.com/noisebynumbers

Torture The Artist "Razorblade" www.myspace.com/torturetheartist2009

House Boat "My Life Hurts" www.myspace.com/houseboattakesnoprisoners

Cloak/Dagger "Dead Idols" www.myspace.com/wearecloakdagger

The Hex Dispensers "I've Got My Doppelganger On" www.myspace.com/thehexdispensers

Small Brown Bike "A Declaration of Sorts" www.smallbrownbike.com

Small Brown Bike "When We Run" www.myspace.com/smllbrwnbk

Lost Hands Found Fingers "Stay Sharp" www.myspace.com/losthandsfoundfingers

Jay Kutchma of Red Collar "Jinx Removing (Jawbreaker Cover)" www.redcollarmusic.com

**Rules for the Rocket Fuel/No Idea Records Contest. Entries must be received by the Rocket Fuel Podcast email (rocketfuelpodcast@gmail.com) by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Sunday, November 29th. You must be 18 or older to enter and the winner will be chosen at random the correct entries received. No purchase neccessary to enter.**

Episode #32: Special Fest 8 Edition, Interview and Contest with A Wilhelm, Nothington Review and Much More
October 24, 2009 07:49 AM PDT
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What's up and welcome to a special Fest 8 edition of Rocket Fuel. On this episode find out how you can win a great A Wilhelm Scream screened poster and the CD and vinyl copies of their new EP courtesy of Paper + Plastick. I also talk with A Wilhelm Scream's guitarist Trevor about the EP, the Fest 8 and much more.

On this episode I play tunes from bands playing The Fest 8 in Gainesville, FL on Halloween weekend including new tunes from Chad Price and The Methadones as well as classic tracks from Small Brown Bike, Snuff and Samiam and review the new Nothington record Roads, Bridges and Ruins. Enjoy!

Playlist for Episode #32:

The Methadones "Over the Moon" www.myspace.com/themethadones

Bangers "The Hard Way" http://www.myspace.com/bangersbangers

Snuff "Cricklewood" http://www.myspace.com/snuffbanduk

Above Them "For Those Who Paved The Way" www.myspace.com/abovethem

Carpenter "A Different Life" http://www.myspace.com/johncougarisgod

Chad Price "With Broken Hearts" http://www.myspace.com/chadpricesongs

Nothington "This Conversation Ends" www.myspace.com/nothington

Small Brown Bike "Sleeping Weather" www.smallbrownbike.com

A Wilhelm Scream "Anchor End" www.awilhelmscream.com

A Wilhelm Scream "Skid Rock" www.myspace.com/awilhelmscream

Vicious Cycle "No Escape" http://theviciouscycle.ca/

Samiam "She Found You" www.myspace.com/samiam

**Rules for the Rocket Fuel/Paper + Plastick Contest. Entries must be received by the Rocket Fuel Podcast email (rocketfuelpodcast@gmail.com) by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Saturday, October 31st. You must be 18 or older to enter and the winner will be chosen at random the emails received. No purchase neccessary to enter.**

Episode #31: Paper + Plastick Contest, Interview with The Failure's Union, Tons of New Music and a Review of Heartsounds
October 04, 2009 10:06 AM PDT
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Welcome to the latest installment of Rocket Fuel. On this special episode, find out how you can win awesome vinyl records from Paper + Plastick.

We've also got a TON of new music from Polar Bear Club, Banner Pilot, Teenage Bottlerocket, Frank Turner and much more. I talk with Tony from the Failure's Union and review the debut record Until We Surrender by Heartsounds. Enjoy.

Playlist for Episode #31:

Teenage Bottlerocket "They Came From The Shadows" www.myspace.com/teenagebottlerocket

Rehasher "Turn Around" www.rehasher.com

The Bomb "Spaceman" www.myspace.com/bomb1

Banner Pilot "Skeleton Key" www.myspace.com/bannerpilot

Polar Bear Club "Light of Local Eyes" www.myspace.com/polarbearclub

Moneen "Great Escape" www.moneen.com

Heartsounds "Until We Surrender" www.myspace.com/heartsoundsband

Used Kids "Midwest Midsummer" www.myspace.com/usedkidsny ifyoumakeit.com/album/used-kids/yeah-no

The Failure's Union "Classic Car Wreck" www.myspace.com/thefailuresunion

The Failure's Union "The Fall Man" www.myspace.com/paperandplastick

Arliss Nancy "The Empty Below" www.myspace.com/arlissnancy www.deathtofalsehoperecords.com/arlissnancy.html

Frank Turner "The Road" www.frank-turner.com

Cheap Girls "Ft. Lauderdale" www.myspace.com/cheapgirls

Check out all of of Paper + Plastick's awesome releases at www.paperandplastick.com

**Rules for the Rocket Fuel/Paper + Plastick Contest. Entries must be received by the Rocket Fuel Podcast email (rocketfuelpodcast@gmail.com) by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, October 14th. You must be 18 or older to enter and the winner will be chosen at random from the correct trivia question answers. No purchase neccessary to enter.**

Episode #30: Red Collar Interview, Premiere of Two New Songs from Anchor Arms and Review of Taker Easy by the Takers
September 03, 2009 05:19 PM PDT
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Welcome to a special edition of Rocket Fuel! On this episode I interview Jay from Red Collar, premiere two brand new songs from Anchor Arms, review the debut album by the Takers and much more. I've got new music from Pinhead Gunpowder, American Steel, Cobra Skulls and more. Enjoy!

Playlist for Episode #30:

The Gateway District "Bad Idea" www.myspace.com/thegatewaydistrict

Goodbye Etc. "My Body is a Battleground" www.myspace.com/goodbyeetc

The New Lows "The Can" www.myspace.com/thenewlows

Pinhead Gunpowder "Anniversary Song" www.myspace.com/pinheadgunpowderusa

Red Collar "Rust Belt Heart" www.redcollarmusic.com

Higher Giant "See You Later, Chopstick" www.myspace.com/highergiant

Chase Long Beach "Joe vs. The Cricket" www.myspace.com/chaselongbeach

The Takers "St. John's Son" www.myspace.com/thetakershonkytonk

Cobra Skulls "Rebel Fate" www.cobraskulls.com

Red Collar "Used Guitars" www.myspace.com/redcollar

Anchor Arms "High Noon" www.myspace.com/theanchorarms

Anchor Arms "The Body System" www.kissofdeathrecords.com

American Steel "Finally Alone" www.americansteel.org

Episode #29: Thermals Interview, Dasha Review and Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective Contest
August 01, 2009 07:54 AM PDT
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The Rocket Fuel podcast is back with a special episode. I interview Hutch from the awesome band The Thermals, review the new record Damned If We Do by Dasha and for the first time ever, you can win lots of great prizes from our friends of Suburban Home Records/Vinyl Collecive. What can you win?

2 Runners up will win a Suburban Home shotungator

1 First Prize Winner will receive a $25 gift certificate that can be used on either the Suburban Home or Vinyl Collective Web Stores

and the GRAND PRIZE winner will receive all of Suburban Home's recent releases including CDs from Jon Snodgrass, Austin Lucas, Drag The River, Mike Hale, Yesterdays Ring, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground and The Takers. The GRAND PRIZE winner will also receive a cool Suburban Home T-shirt and shotgunator as well.

To find out how you can win, be sure to listen to this episode for details.

On this episode, I have new music from The Riverdales, Big D & The Kids Table, The AKAs, and much more. Enjoy and good luck on the Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective Contest!

Playlist for Episode #29:

The Riverdales "Rocketship X-M" www.myspace.com/officialriverdales

Transit "Stay Home" www.myspace.com/transitma

Restorations "Of Trees" www.myspace.com/restorationstheband

The A.K.A's "Get It Together" www.theakas.com

Have Nots "Frozen Heart" www.myspace.com/havenotsboston

Big D & The Kids Table "Describing The Sky" www.bigdandthekidstable.com

Dasha "Little Ghosts" www.myspace.com/dashaband

Golden City "Diamond Suits" www.myspace.com/therealgoldencity

The Thermals "When I Died" www.thethermals.com

The Thermals "Now We Can See" www.myspace.com/thethermals

The Only Sons "Long Time Coming" www.theonlysons.net

Scott H. Biram "I Feel So Good" www.scottbiram.com

Mike Hale "Lives Like Mine" www.myspace.com/mikehalemusic

Episode #28: Interview with The Swellers, Review of Eager To Please by The Leftovers and Much More!
July 13, 2009 06:39 PM PDT
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Welcome to a brand new episode of Rocket Fuel. On the this episode I talk with Jonathan from The Swellers about their recent signing to Fueled By Ramen, their upcoming releases and much more. I also review the album Eager To Please by The Leftovers and play new music from Shook Ones, The Aggrolites, Dear Landlord and many more. Enjoy.

Playlist for Episode #28:

Shook Ones "Silverfish" www.myspace.com/shookones

Dear Landlord "Landlocked" www.myspace.com/letslynchthedearlandlord

This Is A Standoff "Everything We Take" www.thisisastandoff.com

The Aggrolites "The Sufferer" www.aggroreggae.com

Last Martyrs of a Lost Cause "Another Rainy Day" www.myspace.com/lastmartyrsofalostcause

Red City Radio "Dead Friends Don't Pay Debts" www.myspace.com/redcityradio

The Leftovers "Untouchable" www.myspace.com/theleftovers

The Bananas "Radio Action" www.myspace.com/thebananas

The Swellers "Bottles" www.myspace.com/theswellers

The Swellers "This is My Everest" www.facebook.com/theswellers

Everyone Everywhere "Everyhow Everythere" www.myspace.com/everyoneeverywhere

The Lonely Forest "Borders and Towns" www.myspace.com/thelonelyforest

Like...Alaska "Crash Out" www.myspace.com/likealaska

Episode #27: Less Than Jake Interview, Review of Anchor Down's New EP and Much More!
June 06, 2009 06:38 PM PDT
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Don't call it a comeback! Rocket Fuel has returned with a new episode featuring an interview with Vinnie from Less Than Jake, my review of Anchor Down's EP Steel To Dust and new music from Westbound Train, North Lincoln, Mike Herrera's Tumbledown and much more. Enjoy!

Playlist for Episode #27:

North Lincoln "Bridge Jumpers" www.myspace.com/northlincol

Make Do And Mend "Winter Wasteland" www.myspace.com/makedoandmend

Red Collar "Rust Belt Heart" redcollarmusic.com

The Pillowfights "Buzz Buzz" www.myspace.com/thepillowfights

Westbound Train "Ain't Gonna Be Easy" www.westboundtrain.net

The Evening Rig "The Hilltop Pines" www.myspace.com/theeveningrig

Anchor Down "El Radio" www.myspace.com/anchordownportland

Protagonist "Charge (The Chronicle)" www.myspace.com/protagonist

Less Than Jake "Does The Lion City Still Roar?" www.lessthanjake.com

Less Than Jake "Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore" www.myspace.com/lessthanjake

We Are The Union "Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic" www.myspace.com/wearetheunion

Lipona "Hawks & Doves" pigeonholedep.tk/

Mike Herrera's Tumbledown "Homeward Bound" www.myspace.com/tumbledowncountry

Be sure to check out Vinnie's label Paper + Plastick at www.paperandplastick.com

Episode #26: Austin Lucas Interview, Review of Merit's Arson is for Lovers Album and Much More!
April 13, 2009 06:26 PM PDT
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After a two-month hiatus, Rocket Fuel is back and on the attack. On this brand new episode I interview Austin Lucas, review Merit's new record called Arson is for Lovers and play new music from New Found Glory, The Wonder Years, Superdrag and much more. Enjoy.

Playlist for Episode # 26:

New Found Glory "Dont Let Her Pull You Down" www.newfoundglory.com

Chinese Telephones "Better Than the Next" www.myspace.com/chinesetelephones

Fireworks "Detroit" www.myspace.com/fireworks

Superdrag "Ready to Go" www.superdrag.com

Stereotyperider "Dive In" www.stereotyperider.com

Gatorface "Crash/Grab" www.myspace.com/gatorfacefl

Merit "Cut and Run" www.gomeritgo.com

Coffee Project "Start" www.myspace.com/coffeeproject

Austin Lucas "Precious Little Heart" www.myspace.com/austinlucas1

Austin Lucas "Somebody Loves You" www.austinlucasmusic.com

The Besties "The Gothenburg Handshake" www.myspace.com/thebesties

The Wonder Years "An Elegy for Baby Blue" www.myspace.com/thewonderyearspa

Episode #25: AMP Magazine Interview, Review of O Pioneers!!! album Neon Creeps & Much More
February 08, 2009 03:33 PM PST
itunes pic

What's up and welcome to a new episode of Rocket Fuel. On this episode I play new music from Two Tongues, Ben Nichols and The Shaking Hands, classic tracks from Jawbreaker and Superdrag and much more. I interview Brett Mathews, publisher and editor of AMP magazine ande review the new record Neon Creeps by O Pioneers!!! Enjoy.

Playlist for Episode #25:

Two Tongues "Dead Lizard" www.myspace.com/twotonguesrock

The Guts "Love Love Love" www.myspace.com/geoffuseless

Superdrag "The Staggering Genius" www.superdrag.com

Ben Nichols "Tobin" www.myspace.com/lucero

Glossary "Little Caney" www.glossary.us

Slingshot Dakota "Ohio" www.myspace.com/slingshotdakota

O Pioneers!!! "The Architect of Disney World" www.myspace.com/opioneers

Smoke or Fire "The Patty Hearst Syndrome" www.myspace.com/smokeorfire

The Ghostwood "Exited" www.communityrecords.org

Jawbreaker "Chesterfield King" www.myspace.com/jawbreaker

The Shaking Hands "A New Reason to Rise" www.myspace.com/theshakinghandsband

Torche "Grenades" www.myspace.com/torche

Episode #24: How Dare You Interview, The Marked Men Review and Much More
January 27, 2009 06:57 PM PST
itunes pic

Welcome to Rocket Fuel, where we play punk, ska, indie and everything else in between. On this episode I play brand new tracks from Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves and Let Me Run, classic tunes from Social Distortion, Mustard Plug, Discount and much more. I review the new record Ghosts by The Marked Men and talk with singer and guitarist Justin Goldman of the Orlando, FL punk band How Dare You. Enjoy.

Playlist for Episode #24:

Let Me Run "The Count of Monte Fisto" www.myspace.com/babyletmerun

The Bronx "Knifeman" www.myspace.com/thebronx

Discount "City Bleach" www.discounttheband.com

Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves "Reason In My Rhyme" www.myspace.com/shipthieves

The Failure's Union "Give Way" www.myspace.com/thefailuresunion

Team Stray "Dying Young" www.teamstray.com

The Marked Men "Ghosts" www.myspace.com/themarkedmen

Mustard Plug "Beer (Song)" www.mustardplug.com

How Dare You "Cases and Carriers" www.myspace.com/howdareyoufl

How Dare You "My Last Stop on the T" www.howdareyou.bigcartel.com

The Color Wheels "Green Means Go" www.myspace.com/thecolorwheels

Social Distortion "Story of My Life (Live)" www.socialdistortion.com

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